About the YNC

YNC is an exciting nature discovery and environmental action program that invites young people ages 5-12 years to discover nearby nature on Explorer Day Adventures with local experts, learn about native wildlife and plants in NatureWILD Magazine and take part in environmental actions to protect their habitat with Stewardship Projects and an Action Awards Quest.

The YNC is a registered charity, powered by passionate volunteers, members and donors.  Join the Club! Become a member, subscribe to NatureWILD, or make a donation today.

More about the YNC

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the clubs? 
YNC clubs can be found across the Province of BC. From Fort St. John to Prince George to Vancouver and Atlin, our network of family and school nature clubs engage youth in exploring the wonderfully diverse ecosystems of British Columbia and developing a sense of pride and responsibility for our natural heritage. For a map/listing of clubs see the "My Club" page.
How long has the YNC existed?
The YNC has been connecting children and nature through a unique program of volunteer-led nature clubs across the province of BC since 2000.

Why is this important?

A growing body of evidence confirms that when children spend time in nature they are healthierhappier, and smarter. Since 2000, the Young Naturalists’ Club of BC has been encouraging children to explore and become excited about nature. Outdoor activities such as ponding, mushroom hunting and bird watching invite children and their families to discover the natural treasures of their own region.

Our Mission
The purpose of the Young Naturalists Club of British Columbia (YNC), embedded within our Constitution, is to encourage and assist young people to develop a love of nature, and a feeling of respect and responsibility for the unique ecosystems, flora and fauna of British Columbia.

Our Vision

The YNC will inspire ecological literacy in British Columbia’s children, to help them make better-informed decisions, through early-age experiences with nature in the outdoors, and be widely recognised as a leader in enabling British Columbian children to achieve their full potential derived from exposure to nature.

Our Values
These reflect widely-held beliefs among people associated with the YNC. These beliefs constitute the essence of our organisational culture, and provide motivation, stability, and strategic direction:

·       Nature Enhances Learning and Health - first hand outdoor experience with nature is an effective way to educate and broaden childhood well-being, and enhance child development, and time regularly spent in nature provides health benefits to all ages;
·       Inter-generational Responsibility - parents and educators want the best learning environment for their children, want children to be well informed about the natural world, which will lead to better-informed decision-making later in life;
·       Respect for Nature – the YNC strives for a better understanding of natural history through human respect for nature, which has values beyond its immediate or practical value to humans. The study of nature is fascinating in itself, and the YNC will share the joy and intrigue of working with nature with others, to enrich their lives;
·       Willingness to act on behalf of nature – YNC encourages children and families to take part in stewardship activities and other action to protect the natural environment;
·       Commitment to People – the YNC is committed to the honest, transparent, and respectful treatment of all individuals, across all cultures, including staff, volunteers, members, funders, partners, and the wider public. YNC believes that informed children and their families have important roles to play in developing an environmentally-literate and concerned public.