Passport to Nature

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YNC Passport to Nature
When a family takes out a membership every child is issued a pocket sized Passport to Nature with six event tickets together with their new member pack.

The purpose of the Passport is to encourage and recognize participation in outdoor nature events, whether sponsored by YNC or some other group such as Cubs and Brownies, school field trips, park programs, community clean-up, etc. Please bring your Passport to Nature to Explorer Days and other outdoor nature events.  This will help to encourage more outside time and nature exploration.

Each event you attend can be entered on one ticket in the passport and signed by the event leader. Note: Should the you forget to bring the Passport to the event your passport can be signed later by your parent/guardian.  You can earn a certificate of congratulations for every Participation Passport completed and a recognition prize for passport 2, 4 and 6.
Members can take their passports to any bona fide community event which expands their understanding of one of YNC’s goals: nature study, conservation of the environment, sustainability and green living, or safety in the wild.  A Young Naturalist can ask a responsible adult at such an event (or parent) to sign one passport ticket.


Completed Passports
Certificate and YNC Cap
Certificate and YNC T-Shirt *
6 +
Surprise gift **

When all six tickets in your passport have been completed, then you a) scan and send it to by email OR b) mail the passport to the YNC office OR c) give it to your YNC Club Leader to send in/inform the office. Then you will receive a new passport (from your Leader or the Office) or you can download one here.