Welcome Delta Home Learners' Club

NatureKids BC is very pleased to welcome a new club to the almost 50 around the province--NatureKids Delta Home Learners! To learn more about the benefits of membership or to join the NatureKids Delta Home Learners. Check out what Delta HL Club has planned for fall at their club page.

YNC has a new name.... NatureKids!

Proposed and selected by members, our new name NatureKids is now live. Please note our website, Facebook, staff and club email addresses, membership info, guest passes, and forms will change over the next while - but nothing YNC-branded will become invalid, so don't worry!

The change over will be complete by September. Happy exploring, Nature Kids!

Explorer Day Highlight #4 - Going on a dragon hunt!

Did you know Dragonflies are expert fliers? They can fly straight up and down, hover like a helicopter, and even mate mid-air!

Victoria YNC members learned this and more last August on an Explorer Day with nature mentors Claudia and Darren Copley. Claudia and Darren are knowledgeable naturalists and arthropod experts from the Victoria Natural History Society and the Royal B.C. Museum

During their outdoor adventure, young naturalists learned about dragonfly biology, hunted for dragonflies and aquatic larvae by nearby ponds with nets... and even got to see some up close.

Hey Kids: Get Outside!

Another article emphasizing the importance of getting kids outside has cropped up recently: Participaction's yearly report card gives Canadian youth a D- for overall activity levels.

They note "Risky outdoor play is not about courting danger – it’s about play that is thrilling and exciting, such as climbing high, exploring the woods and rough-housing, where kids independently test their abilities and limits."

We fully support the report and invite everyone to join the YNC to get a more regular dose of nature exposure!