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  • Common Acorn Barnacles;
  • Leatherjackets (Crane fly grubs);
  • Invasive Species Part 2 - Action;
  • BC's Smallest Mammals
  • Read-aloud story- Nutcracker and the Whitebark Pine
  • Ask Al, Nature News and more!
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Explorer Day Program Alert!

Celebrate Tree Day 
and Grandparents' Day 
with a Forest Adventure

Date: Sept 20, 2014  Time: 12:45-3 pm  
Location: BC Parks Heritage Centre 1620 Mt. Seymour Road, North Vancouver
This family program is suitable for parents, grandparents, guardians along with children ages 5-12 * note children must be accompanied by an adult

Cost: free but pre-registration required, 
Please pre-register here by September 14, first come first served.

Did you know that the bark of a Douglas fir can be home to many different types of animals? Come out with your family and learn about the trees in our coastal rainforest! Join nature interpreter Lauren Krakau under the canopy of evergreens and learn why these giants are so important to our ecosystems. We will be using the "Meet Your Coastal Rainforest Friends"flipcard deck during the program and each family will get their own copy to keep!

For more information please contact

YNC Sunshine Coast

YNC is very pleased to welcome a new club to the almost 50 around the province--- YNC Sunshine Coast.

The Young Naturalists Club of BC is for kids aged 5-12 who are curious about nature and for those waiting to discover nearby nature with family, friends and volunteer nature mentors. 

To learn more about the benefits of membership or to join the YNC Sunshine Coast click here

Your Volunteer Club Leader
David Stiles, 604-989-1007;
Supported by: Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project

Explorer Days
Check back soon to see what Explorer Day Adventures YNC Sunshine Coast has in store for this summer and fall! You can always link back to this page by going to the 'Find a Club/My Club' tab on the main menu on the homepage.

YNC Nass Valley

YNC Nass Valley.
Welcome to members and volunteer club leaders of one of the newest Young Naturalists' Clubs located in the heart of Nisga'a territory in northern BC - YNC Nass Valley! 

With the YNC, children aged 5-12 together with their families, have fun outdoors exploring nearby nature and stepping up for nature with Stewardship Projects, Citizen Science activities and the Action Awards Quest. For more information on all benefits of membership or to join the YNC Nass Valley click here.

Your Volunteer Club Leaders
Dawn Germyn & Des Belton; 250-633-2520;
You can always link back to this page by going to the 'Find a Club/My Club' tab on the main menu on the homepage.

Upcoming Explorer Days

Mushrooms in October! Stay tuned and join us!